Songs To Isolate By

covidparanoiaThe pandemic has generated two novelty songs that I know about. I’m starting my own playlist to score these weird times that are separating us together:
IsolationJohn Lennon
I Am A RockSimon & Garfunkel
Missing YouJohn Waite
All By MyselfEric Carmen
Message In A BottleThe Police
OvertimeLucinda Williams
Don’t Get Around Much AnymoreNat King Cole
Miss YouThe Rolling Stones
Hold OnJohn Lennon

5 Responses to Songs To Isolate By

  1. When I’m in the house and the radio on, I listen for isolating songs to add to your list. Problem is I’m in and out so much that I haven’t heard any so far. But I’ll keep listening when I can.

  2. How about “Time in a Bottle” by Jim Croce?

    • That’s a good one Dad! That’s a timeless song, but thinking about how those lyrics sound with today’s situation really makes it sound like a man saving up good memories to get him through tough times… sort of like Earl & Margie’s cellar that we kept full of canned green beans & peaches. Yeah, I like that spin.

  3. round and round by Ratt, 1984, classic…….you know, we are going stir crazy….. round and round……anyway….

    • that reminds me of the joke my grandad told me about a guy who was inside a round silo when someone told him to “pee in a corner.” he just went round and round.

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