Mid Air High Five

airhighfiveSocial distancing feels like: close but no cigar, almost but not quite, oh I missed it by that much. This is the new reality for most of us. Homer’s was only open for carry-out orders when I worked yesterday. We got a new health mandate that basically said “no dine-in service for customers.” Sydney & I weren’t air high fiving because we were happy about it, we were doing it for a picture. Our boss posted it on instagram to let everyone know that we were still open… for now.

3 Responses to Mid Air High Five

  1. Well, son I have to settle for working around the house and going to Wal-Mart to see if there’s anything left when Abby gets bored. So don’t feel so bad. Things could be worse.:)

  2. dont touch it….da. da. da…dont touch it….something like that. Weird times.

  3. Amazing all the things to bump instead of touching hands. The funniest was at church when a couple of our more mature ladies of age (80+) were hip bumping and having a great time!

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