The Fastest Turnaround

potatoscrubber12 days ago I drove to Hoovie’s house and recorded a show in his kitchen. Last week I started editing the audio. Today I’m posting the final mix, and here it is: Episode #7 of THE EPILOGUE CABIN featuring Jeff Hoover! On your mark! Get set! Go! The pop of the starting pistol was still ringing in my ears when I crossed the finish line on this one. Whew!

3 Responses to The Fastest Turnaround

  1. Quality checked, approved.

  2. thanks Hoove!

  3. I’ve been so worried about K.L. I’ve neglected responding to your post.
    Your Epilog Cabin gets better and better. This is going to lead to something.
    Never knew the Hoovie I heard on the last interview.
    He grew up to be quite a guy. I know why you two got ong so well. You both have many different interest.

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