Movie Rentals

videorentalWhen I was in college it only costs around $20 to rent 6 movies– $25 if I rented a VHS player. My roommates and I would block out the next 12 hours to watch titles like Caddyshack, Streets of Fire, Taps, Meatballs and Animal House. Renting a new movie now costs a little more than it did back then. A couple of nights ago I watched Blinded By the Light for $6 online. That charge to the credit card made it possible to watch the movie for 48 hours. Then the access simply goes away. There are no late fees for movie rentals in the 21st century.

2 Responses to Movie Rentals

  1. Don’t tell me you watched Blinded by the light for 48 hours? Surely not, you just had access to it right?

  2. haha, no Mom… I didn’t watch it for 48 hours. I did watch it twice though! Now I’m reading the book that it was based on, and that might take 48 hours– the library is giving me two weeks to get through it AND I can always renew.

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