The Epilogue Cabin #3

edmcmahonThe third installation of THE EPILOGUE CABIN features Greg Snow! Greg is married to Missy (my last guest), so it was more or less a packaged deal that they would both be on an episode. If you listen closely at the beginning you can hear Missy laughing shortly after Greg picks up the phone. So without further ado… heeeeere’s Greg!

2 Responses to The Epilogue Cabin #3

  1. where did my post go?
    keep the epilogue cabin going, enjoy listening to familiar names and their lives as adults.

  2. That’s a lot of work. You should feel proud of doing that for your old classmates and be paid in some other way other than just appreciative comments. Maybe the school strict or the city would be interested in making it part of their archives
    Good job, son and that makes Edward R Murrow look like tiddlywinks.

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