On The Beach At Frenchy’s

beachcroppedLast Sunday Sara (one of my nieces) sent me an instagram message. She was at Frenchy’s in Clearwater, FL. Being a nosy uncle, I looked up the website for Frenchy’s and found a live beach cam! When I responded and told Sara there was a live camera on the beach pointed at a volleyball net– she got her mom and sisters out there so we could see them! We talked on the phone while they danced on the beach.

6 Responses to On The Beach At Frenchy’s

  1. How cool is that! Wish I knew how to do that.

  2. I just saw the picture (from far off) and what look like an advertisement on the beach video, but it looks cool.

  3. this my friend is utilizing intercams to their full potential, now to get her picked ub by the Hubble Scope….

  4. Only Hoovie could do that.

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