Free Beer At The Sausage Stand!

keggerLife is funny. Things can go one way and then detour to go another way. A coin gets tossed and a choice is made. Hands make fists and someone says “eeny meeny meiny mo.” Hunter S. Thompson found Doomed Love at the Taco Stand, and I found free beer at the sausage stand! I wasn’t even looking for it! It happened last Saturday when I drove to Werner’s to grab some lunch. Tom was grilling sausages, and said “there’s a self serve keg behind the food truck.” They were celebrating an anniversary, but I can’t remember what it was. I was too busy enjoying my good fortune!

One Response to Free Beer At The Sausage Stand!

  1. Obviously, you were one of the chosen ones. Life is good in so many ways but remember always be aware of FREE STUFF.

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