The Illustrated Camel

richcamelI don’t smoke camels but I can draw them! That doesn’t mean that I “draw” camels as in I “beckon” camels. I’m not sure if there is a name for someone who does that. Jim Mathis recently wrote a book (see below) and asked me to draw a few cartoons for him. Since they are in a book they are illustrations.bookcoverI’m not sure where I got the idea to put cuff links on a camel. Wait… I remember now: Snagglepuss from the Yogi Bear show.  The rest of the ensemble (the cigarette holder, martini, and sunglasses) is pure Hunter S. Thompson.

4 Responses to The Illustrated Camel

  1. Hey! I remember that! Those cartoons paid off!

  2. Pretty hard to draw a camel sitting down. That’s good, I knew immediately he was a Cedillo camel.
    Is this your first published cartoon, besides school and college?

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