He Creamed The Weenies

JeffCollageFirst there’s a melancholy guitar and trumpet playing. Next comes the familiar sound of helicopters that is quickly followed by an announcement– “Attention! All personnel! Incoming podcast!” And just like that (snaps fingers) something resembling my favorite TV show is back! That something is M*A*S*H Matters, a podcast hosted by Ryan Patrick and Jeff Maxwell. Patrick is a long time fan of the show, and Maxwell played the role of Igor, the often ridiculed mess hall cook (pictured above) for 9 years. The two hosts talk about their different perspectives on the show, interview guests, and basically cover all things M*A*S*H related.
–huge thanks to pop culture writer, Whitney Matheson, for the heads up on this podcast!

One Response to He Creamed The Weenies

  1. That reminds me- I was gonna do a trumpet melody, and I forget which one. I’ll have to go back over the blogs. This also looks like a pretty good one to practice with. I still watch episodes of mash every once in a while.

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