Nightlife Daydream

nightlifeHigh definition is overrated. I love pixelated simplicity. When 8-bit images are mixed with iconic photos on a big screen during a live performance, I’m all in. When I get drowsy and three dimensional objects get dark and blocky, I’m ready for the Blade Runner/Tron dreamscapes. Yawn. Stretch. Coffee.

7 Responses to Nightlife Daydream

  1. Is that what’s happening in the above picture?
    Wish I understood this new language.

  2. No comprendo.

  3. Mom & Dad, I’m just making references to old video games & movies with a lot of night and neon.

  4. I’m laughing so hard. Your Dad and I come from a different time and almost speak a different language. We have so much to learn and so little time to “comprehend.” Think I’ll go back to painting my fence! LOL

  5. It’s simple, 8-bit is a bridle for an 8 headed horse.

  6. nulleight 8 bit horses

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