When The TV Guide Was My Clock

TVguideWhen I was really little, I could tell you what time it was if there was a TV and a TV guide nearby. My parents had a hard time getting me away from the TV back in those days. I was glued to it. They wanted me to turn it off and play outside. They didn’t understand that I would lose all concept of time if I spent too much time outside! I didn’t understand how to tell time by looking at “the big hand” and “the little hand” on a clock. It was easier to just turn on the TV, and see Bugs Bunny or Porky Pig. I knew it was somewhere between 9 or 9:30 on Saturday morning. That was close enough for me.

2 Responses to When The TV Guide Was My Clock

  1. How I wish I could relive those days. Little did I know how much a pig and a bunny could shape a little boys life. The end results have been fantasically amazing.

  2. The real clock you were supposed to use was the sun. You can tell (by using your right palm) how many minutes ’til sundown.

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