Eddie’s Rod & Custom

kathyandedat eddiesrodandcustom.com these words appear on the homepage: if you dream it we can build it. it’s a family business run by one of jenny’s iowa cousins, ed pettus. i see ed and his wife kathy (pictured above) at the herman family reunion every summer. they always bring t-shirts and hats from eddie’s rod & custom. i knew they fixed up old cars, but i had NO idea how creative they were until i talked to ed about the lockhed lakester (also pictured above). ed and his sons turned an old plane’s wing tip fuel tank into one of the coolest race cars on the planet. how awesome is that?

4 Responses to Eddie’s Rod & Custom

  1. WOW, that is beautiful. Last name Pettis, any kin to the Pettis racing family? Amazing what a creative mind can do.

  2. Fabulous!

  3. Was that locked or Lockheed?(check my comment to your last post)

    • dad, it’s called a “Lockhed Lakester” because it’s a car built from a fuel tank off a Lockheed Super Constellation plane. click on this link to read more cool specs.

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