Survival Mode

mtv_moon_mantuesday afternoon, something severed the internet cable outside our house, and left it lying on the ground. no netflix, no internet, just a big sucking sound in cyberspace. when that happened i felt like a balloon on its way to the moon after the string has been cut. so what did i do? i ate pretzels & watched about 12 hours of classic mtv that i had on a flash drive. i was about to start playing my 48 atari games alphabetically when the cable guy came & reconnected me to the outside world. whew!

5 Responses to Survival Mode

  1. WHEW, that was close!

  2. What did Buzz Adrin tell Neil Armstrong when he asked if they could do a few more checks before he made his moonwalk?

  3. Sorry.That’s Aldrin.

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