Bad Album Covers

worst-bad-album-covers-ira-north-if-I-were-a-womanbad can be a relative term, or it can just be… BAD. last monday, chlo√© showed me a picture of some men from the 1970′s dressed in polyester & macram√©. she made a caption that read something like: “it was a long time before these guys had girlfriends.” it reminded me of bad album covers i’ve seen over the years. the two i’ve posted here are from a list of 20 on if you wanna see the other 18 click here, but be careful because there are some things you can’t unsee. the one below was in my parents’ collection.worst-bad-funny-album-cover-art-how-big-is-god-rather-personal-question

6 Responses to Bad Album Covers

  1. Uh, Ira… I may have some good news for you.

  2. I wondered where that went. tell jimmyjoe I want it back!

  3. Ira reminds me of that old folk song;
    If I were a woman
    I’d woman in the morning
    I’d woman in the evening
    All over this land…

  4. I am woman
    Hear me roar
    In numbers louder than I snore…

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