Marbles Meet Their Makey Makey

MARBLESANDMAKEYlast week i drove out to rich maxwell’s garage in shawnee. we rigged aluminum foil to trigger music and sounds using his marbles & my makey makey. once we put it together, we couldn’t believe how simple the concept was: the marble’s weight pushes two pieces of foil together (each piece of foil is connected to the makey makey), and we get audio! the next thing rich wants to do is trigger sounds & music from star wars!

3 Responses to Marbles Meet Their Makey Makey

  1. I think I hear another grant in the works! Just finished reading The Martian Chronicles. Great Star Wars background music.

    • thanks mom, but the marble project is something that rich has been doing for awhile. he already has presentation dates set up & asked if i could help him get sound from the marbles– we did it! it wouldn’t surprise me though, if we collaborate on future projects. how did you like the Martian Chronicles? do you remember the tv series based on that book? Rock Hudson was in it.

  2. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

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