Big Botanical Beeps!

grassman“you’re the first person i thought of!” that’s what amy duke told me a few weeks ago when she invited beep goes the weasel to be part of a big botany exhibit at the spencer museum of art this sunday. it’s the day of creativity, and a bunch of us will be doing demonstrations to show how art, science, people and plants are interwoven. of course, i will be doing my part by showing folks how to play with their food. the event goes from noon to 3pm!

One Response to Big Botanical Beeps!

  1. At first I thought that was a plant sculpture but then I see there are what looks like human hands attached. IF there is a human inside all that green, he must be masochist. Seems to me it would be painful to be in that costume for more than 5 min. Your art is much more fun, wish I could see them all.

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