Hey, That’s MY Monster!

The-Fog-Horn-The-Beast-from-20000-Fathoms-Light-Housedid you hear the one about the prehistoric sea monster and the fog horn? science fiction author ray bradbury wrote that story and MANY more like it in the 1950′s. some screenwriters included it in the movie the beast from 20,000 fathoms without bradbury’s knowledge. the story goes that ray bradbury was friends with stop-motion animator, ray harryhausen who was making the beast in the movie. when bradbury stopped by the studio for a visit he pointed out that the monster that harryhausen was crafting was actually his monster that he created in a story written for the saturday evening post 2 years earlier. bradbury received a healthy financial compensation within days. big thanks to the retroist for posting this story!

2 Responses to Hey, That’s MY Monster!

  1. hmm, good for him. keep your eyes open son, somebody may be using one of those cartoons you’ve drawn over the years!

  2. ha ha! thanks for the vote of confidence, mom! sorry i didn’t get a new post up today. darla called last night from springfield. they all went to see the cardinals, and also met actor, john goodman! don’t know if you remember him, but he was in alot of movies & roseanne. they were pretty excited about that. anyway, i’m still getting ready for work, but i just wanted to say ‘hi!’ oh, and chris, clay, and i had a good practice last night too. it’s gonna be a good show on june 9. really glad you’re coming up!

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