Misheard Lyrics

donnas96chris and i used to play a misheard lyric medley when we were the subs. we got the idea from a book by gavin edwards, ‘Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy: And Other Misheard Lyrics. the book’s title is sort of from purple haze by jimi hendrix. the actual line is ‘scuse me while i kiss the sky. the book is full of songs that someone got wrong, but sang anyway. here’s a medley full of lyrics that have been mistaken for phrases like:
alex the seal
as if i’d never noticed the way she brushed her and farted
i’m a poolhall ace with every step you take
sunday monkey won’t play piano song, play piano song

3 Responses to Misheard Lyrics

  1. OK is all I can say, when there’s nothing I can say, but want you to know I’m reading your blog.

    • i should record the one i used to play w/chris, you might like that one better. don’t know if i can talk him into putting something like that on the blog though. whaddya say lars?

  2. Chris who?

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