No Pirate’s Life For Me

01seasickold hard drives are like old shoeboxes full of photos, you find yourself looking at a bunch of them before you stop. i found this one from one of our trips to see my sister’s family when they lived in florida. darla took out us out on a glass bottom boat, but winds were high & the waters were choppy. marylynn & i got pretty seasick. we were the least nauseous in the stern because the bow was bouncing most of the time. even though we were breathing in diesel fumes, i could keep my lunch down back there. growing up in smoggy southern california has its advantages.

3 Responses to No Pirate’s Life For Me

  1. eventhough you were sick, it is a beautiful picture.

  2. It ain’t easy bein’ green.
    -K. Frog

  3. I’m just brown. Last time I was in a whale tour boat off San Pedro, we all got sick. Everything here is brown and dry. The only water we see is the mirages on the dunes in the summer.

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