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stretchthere is a homer’s blog archive with over 650 posts from yours truly. i made regular entries from 2010 – 2015, and hardly anyone read them. the homer’s blog was sort of like a critically acclaimed TV show that no one watched– even though it had its moments, and was actually good sometimes. so cue the memory harps, let your mind go fuzzy… then re-focus… and read a post from
december 16, 2010
billybartyThe Night I Followed My Nose
ok… this is kinda random… but it DOES have something to do with coffee. 20 years ago, jenny and i lived in downtown Kansas City, MO… 8th and walnut to be exact. there used to be a banner on the side of the apartment complex that read “if you lived here, you’d be home by now.” we thought that was a cool promotion and moved in. my friend chris mull let us borrow his TV (we only had a stereo at the time), and he visited us often. one night after jenny was asleep, chris and i got out, bounced a tennis ball off the sides of parking garages, and explored the neighborhood. after awhile we were overwhelmed by the strong smell of coffee, and literally started walking in the direction it was coming from. we stepped over alot of broken glass, and wondered if we would get blamed for it, but we never saw any police. eventually we found the source of the coffee smell. it was coming out of a building where a certain brand of coffee is made. since that time i realize that there are MANY different coffee smells, even though i can only think of three right now… the memory of that industrial coffee smell will always be tied to meandering the empty streets of KC, while avoiding broken glass.

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  1. what a great story. Jim remarked, maybe you picked up the scent of the K.C. Roasterie. is it anywhere close?
    I’m so glad I don’t know of your after dark escapades, but thankful god and all the angels are looking over you and Chris. You surely put yourself in harms way more often than you should.

    • i don’t think the roasterie was around in 1989, but i could be wrong. we were smelling the folgers plant. sorry to make you worry mom! it’s times like these i think of a line from the song BLINDED BY THE LIGHT which goes, “mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun, but mama– that’s where the fun is!”

  2. Remember the time the police stopped us in River-market and called the paddy-wagon? Good times.

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