Crime Jazz With Dinner

The_Killers_1946_3_554_426_81_slast night i tuned in the retro cocktail hour for dinner music. as i was making this post, i did a quick search to check the last time i wrote about my favorite space age bachelor pad music show– it was about this same time last year! i guess my life has cycles & patterns like everyone else. the playlist i listened to had a crime jazz theme. here’s a 3 minute peek into that seedy underworld.

3 Responses to Crime Jazz With Dinner

  1. that was some music. I think there’s a son in here I don’t know. you got something you want to tell me?

  2. Did you hear the one about the two exorcists that walk into a diner?

    • man, you made me laugh out loud with that comment. those two guys are actually hitmen coming for Burt Lancaster in THE KILLERS (1946), but yeah it looks like that promo shot from the exorcist.

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