Now That’s Surreal

galatea-of-the-spheresi discovered salvador dali & surreal art in high school, but it really made an impact on me in college. one late afternoon i was getting drowsy in the freshman dorms. at the same time i was looking through a book of salvador dali’s art & listening to iron butterfly’s 17 minute song, in a gadda da vida. my friend ron made the observation, “dave, you’re either going to go insane, or solve all the world’s problems.” the jury is still out on which one happened. in the meantime, here’s something we can all enjoy– the surrealist compliment generator. if you click on the link, you’ll see such things as:
“Your entrance is ever a segue to endless lands of derision.”
“His majesty’s caravan is as compelling as your temper.”
“You ever remind me of the enigma of postage not sent.”
“Your soul contains all that is found in insects, pigs and vermin.”

3 Responses to Now That’s Surreal

  1. it’s too early in the morning to contemplate your post. I will but later. have to get ready to go to exercise.

  2. I don’t screed a survivalist consequence genuflector to shoe blue cow. I were butterscotch lighting bolts ally by my epaulettes.

  3. I’m glad you’re an art buf. I had my fill of surrealism artists in undergad Spanish at Cal State LA before’71. Go Davy.

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