From The Bowels Of The Earth

whalebirdtotlast sunday mom texted this pic and asked “what does this look like to you? besides the potato it is?” it was a group text so one person said:
i see an eye and a mouth
then i wrote:
“jenny says it’s a whale, but i think it looks like a dead bird’s head
the day before mom sent the potato/whale/bird pic, i found a book & record that reached out from the past–20000twofer…and fresh from their tour of american waterfronts, here’s the wellingtons!

4 Responses to From The Bowels Of The Earth

  1. maybe we’ll hear what your dad and Lars says it reminds them of. so far jenny and I are the winners. neat song.

  2. A sleepy snoopy or the red baron.

  3. not bad Dave, I can see snoopy there

  4. sad Jayhawk.

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