Inspiration, Diversion, & Consolation

arduinoLEDsi came to the makerspace earlier than usual today. i figured that being around creative people would inspire me. an hour later i got a call from my mechanic & found out my jeep repairs are going to cost 3x more than the original estimate. i didn’t need to stew about the high cost of daily transportation, i needed some kind of diversion… so i decided to program an arduino board, and focus my energies on making these colored lights blink. maybe expanding my mind in this way will provide a little consolation. right now i’m just waiting for the software to download.
***3 hours after the paragraph above was typed, i accomplished this!

4 Responses to Inspiration, Diversion, & Consolation

  1. Alright! Maybe you can get the lights to blink on your jeep and save some money! (Howcome this silly thing won’t let me send pictures? )

  2. Just kidding. I’ll be praying for your jeep situation, son.

  3. thanks dad. it’ll be alright no matter what.

  4. dad-gum-it, why do these things have to happen?
    you’ve got the right attitude Son, no matter what happens, it’ll be ok.

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