Give Me A Sign

playground_signthe leaves are finally falling & i’m almost halfway through my fall residency at the central resource library. the next thing on my agenda will be hosting a teeter totter workshop at the makerspace. some people have asked me “how are you gonna do that?” my answer is “i don’t know.” honestly, this will be a group effort. i’m gonna pick a few brains & get some direction… speaking of which, i’ve driven past this sign on antioch over 700 times in the last 10 years alone– yeah, i did the math. i never really noticed it until i started my teeter totter project.

2 Responses to Give Me A Sign

  1. I’ve got about eight pumpkins that will be ripe before thanksgiving and one that’s ready right now. Wish I could give them to you guys or Darla and the girls. To me, fall has always been something special. I’m very glad you’re enjoying the good weather and your work, son.

  2. thanks dad!

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