“Events Near Me”

teebuttonyesterday jenny said “events near me” into her smartphone. it was friday night, and we were looking for something entertaining nearby. we found it! the first annual mission sunflower festival was going on just a few minutes away, and as soon as we arrived we both got a sticker. we also ate kettle corn from a food truck, heard live music from the good sam club band, and we got to hang out w/chrisy mull! i caught a stray frisbee, and threw it back to the kids who were entertaining themselves.

3 Responses to “Events Near Me”

  1. sounds like fun and something to do next year. how was the band? we met Steve and Darla and girls and went to a Cardinals baseball game in Springfield. We missed you and jenny. Cardinals lost 6 to 5. Cardinals up, last inning, bases loaded, and the guy strikes out! what a bummer.

  2. Well, our ‘rat dogs’ (the Chihuahua s) are one game behind the salt lake bees. I hope they both lose the race, but Abby is against the rat dogs ’cause she hates the name. Maybe some day we’ll all watch a game that we like together with all the grandkids.

  3. mom: regarding the band, i told chrisy “they’re not bad for a bunch of old guys,” and then she pretended to hold a mirror up to my face and said “dave, look in the mirror!”
    dad: i’d LOVE to watch a baseball game with you!

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