thecuriousbureaujoshua fairman and i got together late this afternoon to record our version of WHY from jeremy messersmith’s ukulele songbook that i downloaded tuesday. right now there are 16 other cover artists that have contributed videos– but at this point, josh and i are the only ones to cover the song, WHY. the actual audio release is expected next week, and according to jeremy messersmith’s website: “It’s jam-packed with ridiculous songs about kittens, world peace, flying cars and the transformative power of love. Why? Because we all need a ray of sunshine every now and again. Because it’s important to not lose sight of how good things could be. Because the first step to a better world is to imagine a better world.” now you see why i wanted to be a part of this.

4 Responses to Why

  1. That’s a GREAT song. Do whatever you need to do to protect it as yours. I don’t quite understand what is happening with Messersmith’s songbook but your song is really good. Keep it up Son. I know why Jeremy enjoys hanging out with you.

  2. mom, you’re getting JOSHUA and JEREMY mixed up! haha! joshua is in the video w/me, jeremy is the recording artist who wrote the song, “why.” and yeah, it is pretty great isn’t it? we’ll talk some more about it when we see each other again, or on the phone.

  3. yea,I guess it happens when you’re older or more mature and you get too many “j” names in one story :)

  4. I wonder how many times you and Darla asked us ‘why’ when you were little kids? It seemed like a million, but I’m glad we at least tried to answer, or I think you’d still be asking. I think we all still are.

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