All For Joe

smileslast weekend jenny & i drove to lincoln for joe’s 90th birthday. joe is marijo’s neighbor. he lives two yards away, and even though he’s not related by blood, he IS family. joe celebrates with us at the reunions, mourns with us at the funerals, and is there for all points in between. there were over a hundred party-goers at the whitehall mansion for joe’s shindig. we ate lunch, told stories, sang songs, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

2 Responses to All For Joe

  1. Looks like you all had a great time. I’m glad you got to celebrate life with him. There’s a lady in our church that’s homebound that’s supposed to be 97 this year. She was in the church when I first got there in 1950. I hope we can cheer her on that way.

  2. We met Joe 1 time, but can’t remember where and at what function but of course it was in KC. Glad there was such a great turnout.

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