Me, Gary, And The Trio Plus!

garyandtheTRIOplusyesterday i plugged in the TRIO plus and jammed w/gary. we work together at homer’s. he and i have been saying “we need to get together and jam!” for a long time… and then it finally happened. having the trio plus was like having a rhythm section on standby, because that’s basically what it does– it adds bass and drums to ANYTHING! we jammed for 4 hours before we started recording. here are a couple of tracks that made it to the hard drive:
work daze
island life

6 Responses to Me, Gary, And The Trio Plus!

  1. I’ll take island life any day.

  2. Oh, son. Forgot to mention my brother Steve is wanting to plan a family reunion for the Cedillos sometime before Christmas. Let me know if you and Jenny would be interested.

  3. He said it would be at someplace called Orogrande, California. Never heard of it, but if you kids could go, it would be fantastic.

  4. dad, give me some more specifics (like the actual date) and i’ll see what kind of airfare i can afford.

  5. I will as soon as I hear back from Steve.

  6. we liked island life too. work daze was weighed in the balance and found wanting. ;)
    the family reunion sounds great for all of you, hope you can make it work.

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