Vicarious Living

2017_80s_cruisesome people go on cruises with rock stars and escape reality for a week. i can live vicariously through these folks. there is an annual event called the 80′s cruise that i’ve heard them talk about. brad and steve host trivia nights on the 80′s cruise, they also host my favorite podcast, stuck in the ’80s. they just got back from a warm 2017 cruise where they bumped elbows with band members from the go go’s, berlin, and a couple of original mtv VJ’s. they also brought back pics and podcasts for those of us that had to stay on the mainland.

2 Responses to Vicarious Living

  1. That’s nice.

  2. Wow son, for a minute I thought the guy in the blue shirt was you. I was worried because he is really filling out that shirt. Not healthy!
    It does sound like a fun cruise.

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