The End Of Two Days

dinerthe last two days seem like they were jam packed with “have to do” type of things. i barely had time for a nap. there were a couple of times i needed to be in 3 places at once. i could have used a clone. now i just wanna crawl inside an 8-bit greasy spoon, and rest my head on the counter.

2 Responses to The End Of Two Days

  1. I do hope you find a greasy spoon. If you were around here you could come to our greasy spoon. It’s open 24-7 and we get all kinds of customers.

  2. We’re back. You know that 2 GB just isn’t enough to last me on this phone. We miss not seeing what’s happening in K.C. Hope you have recovered from your busy days. This week looks pretty easy for us. We have started back to exercise on Mon. & Fri. It was good to talk to Jenny. Did she tell you we want to come up on St Patrick’s day weekend?

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