Pumpkin Beeps @ Salon Kitch

m7last friday night we wired up miniature pumpkins for beep goes the weasel in front of salon kitch, and we taught random pedestrians how to play songs by deep purple and david bowie. someone even threw $20 in my tip jar! ok, i didn’t actually have a tip jar out, it was just a suitcase i was using to haul stuff.

7 Responses to Pumpkin Beeps @ Salon Kitch

  1. That was nice. You sure worked hard over the past two years for that, and made many people happy.

  2. We agree. next time put out a trunk!

  3. by the way, that is a great picture.

  4. Is that a Homer’s hoodie? Let me know if they’re on sale. I think mine would be the next size smaller than yours if they are.

  5. dad, it’s a Homer’s t-shirt– not a hoodie. i think they run around $12

  6. Let me know if it’s a t-shirt or a sweatshirt. It looks like it’s got long sleeves.

  7. it’s a short sleeved t-shirt, i was wearing a long sleeved sweater over it in the picture

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