The Months That Feel Like Years

timewartbeep goes the weasel is returning to salon kitch tonight @ 6pm! it’s been a long time since we played carrots there… and yet… it feels like only yesterday we were driving luxury sized vehicles up to full service gas stations where children roamed the parking lot with cans of dr. pepper, watching jimmy carter on small screen televisions. WHOA! sorry, i just went back to 1978 for a few minutes there– the last time we actually beeped at kitch’s salon was june 2016. the months of july, august, and september just feel like years.

One Response to The Months That Feel Like Years

  1. Let’s see– last time I saw a ’76 ball it was on top of our ’65 ‘ve and ’78 was our third year in Lookeba. I think I was doing construction clean-up with you after school. We’d also try to do a little fishing, hunting or help the peanut farmers for our good deed for the day.

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