Elvis? Not Elvis.

JimmyEllis-1elvis didn’t die in 1977… that’s what you would have sworn if you ever heard jimmy ellis sing. his story is currently on netflix. it’s called orion: the man who would be king. it’s an amazing tale about a guy who just wanted to sing. he couldn’t help the fact that he was born with the same vocal chords as the king of rock n’ roll. his elvis-like voice was a blessing and a curse. he never intended to be an elvis impersonator, he wanted to make his own way in the biz. when jimmy ellis put on a mask and sang are you lonesome tonight, a horde of fans thought that elvis had faked his own death, dropped a few pounds, and re-surfaced under another name. you can hear other songs by jimmy ellis on his website.

2 Responses to Elvis? Not Elvis.

  1. I can’t remember if I ever heard him sing, but I’ll never forget seeing Elvis at Norman that night, and the great show he put on. I also remember when we got cleaned out, the only thing that mattered to your mom was her Elvis ring.

  2. did you know that’s jims name spelled the same way? what a coincidence. Your Dad remembers the show differently than I do. I was disappointed in the seats we got. Dave paid for the best seats and we got the high balcony. Needed binoculars. Elvis also didn’t sing much because he’d had a tooth pulled. This was just before he died.

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