Happy Birthday Darla!

little_darlatoday is my little sister’s birthday. i’m not sure what year this pic was taken, but i’m guessing she is one year old. thanks for giving me this photo mom!

6 Responses to Happy Birthday Darla!

  1. That was August 1969 in Balwin Park just before that kid tried to take your bouncy bounce.

  2. dad— that kid DID steal my hoppity hop! remember? mom said he sold it for a quarter!!!

  3. I DID? must have had a slow leak, so I sold it to the kids that stole it! :)

  4. I thought we made him get the ball back, give the money back and kept the ball until it went flat and then gave it back.

  5. And that’s why I look so confused in this pic! “Say whaaaa…”?

  6. YAY! all four of us commented on one post!!!

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