Wailin’ Wall Trio

me and norai’m playing at homer’s tomorrow night with wailin’ wall. it will be a stripped down version of the group with only dan, griffin, and me this time. when we practiced last night i sat next to griffin’s daughter, nora, who was also playing a harmonica. this isn’t the first time i’ve played music next to a little kid.

2 Responses to Wailin’ Wall Trio

  1. We received their our post card . Glad it was our turn. I’m looking for a card I have I think you will remeber but haven’t found yet.
    Did you get the Frank Zappa interview Jim sent you?
    Do you plan on coming to reunion in June ?
    Love ya

  2. hey mom, yes, i just watched the frank zappa interview. that was cool. what wknd is the reunion?

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