Greenfield, IA

greenfieldthe third installment of postcards from home is finished! yay! click here to listen. on this show we reveal who received the postcard from the last show, talk about postcards that we have received in the last few days, and finally we get around to talking about a postcard from greenfield, ia. (pictured above) if you would like to join the growing list of postcard recipients or if you want to send us a postcard that we’ll read in the future, email us at:

2 Responses to Greenfield, IA

  1. Hey Davy:
    I know you know of Frank Zappa and his music, but do know that he
    was doing “circuit bending” also to his music?
    Check this out.

  2. Elizabeth Leach

    Great show, kids, however – one correction: It’s Kansas State University at Manhattan, KS, not Manhattan State University. I know Wildcats will want this noted. Wish I could have been at Greenfield. Can’t wait until next postcard. Love, Beth

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