Monthly Archives: January 2020

The Epilogue Cabin #3

edmcmahonThe third installation of THE EPILOGUE CABIN features Greg Snow! Greg is married to Missy (my last guest), so it was more or less a packaged deal that they would both be on an episode. If you listen closely at the beginning you can hear Missy laughing shortly after Greg picks up the phone. So without further ado… heeeeere’s Greg!

On The Beach At Frenchy’s

beachcroppedLast Sunday Sara (one of my nieces) sent me an instagram message. She was at Frenchy’s in Clearwater, FL. Being a nosy uncle, I looked up the website for Frenchy’s and found a live beach cam! When I responded and told Sara there was a live camera on the beach pointed at a volleyball net– she got her mom and sisters out there so we could see them! We talked on the phone while they danced on the beach.

2020 Here We Come

I learned how to play this little keyboard part on my Casio VL-Tone today! Of course it helped when the video showed which keys The Edge was playing.