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St. Joseph Antique Mall

jenny & i rode to st. joseph w/jan & jeremy today to check out a massive antique mall. we saw ALOT of cool stuff: coca cola drive in speakers, portable 8 track player, walkie talkies w/morse code buttons, and a velvet elvis.

To Hoovie’s and Back

two saturdays ago i made a kamikaze trip to southwest missouri to see my friend jeff hoover, and go back to 1984… the arcade. the pic above was taken when we were playing joust. jeff aka “hoovie” sent me home with some retro electronics he had lying around. the 1984 employees hit the main breaker at 11:00pm, killing all the power to the games & i got home around 3:30am sunday morning.

…before i left his house we put our musical talents together and recorded this with my monotron and the effects on his amp.

Happy Birthday Sara!