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“Do You Still Draw Cartoons?”

SpartacusA lot of old classmates at last week’s high school reunion asked me if I still draw cartoons. I felt bad saying ” well, yes and no,” because I don’t draw every day like I did in high school and college. I drew the “Spartacus” cartoon above for my boss at Homer’s waaaay back when he paid for newspaper ads in the Kansas City Star. Does anybody do that anymore?

Sincerely Yours

breakfast-club-brian-johnson-essayIf it weren’t for the name tags, many of us wouldn’t have recognized each other. My 35th high school reunion was a good experience. Seeing older versions of people I remember as teenagers should have been a cold water shock to the system– but it was actually something much warmer. Handshakes, hugs, and smiles were proof that my classmates have mellowed over the years. So if anyone from the class of 84 is reading this I just want to say: thanks for your kindness and warmth last Saturday night. It was really cool to hang out between the hallway and the trophy case again.classof84