Santo In The Treasure of Dracula

mexicanwrestlerYep. That’s the name of tonight’s episode on the latest incarnation of the show that won’t die– Mystery Science Theater 3000!  It started in the late 1980′s and now 33 years and 3 networks later, there’s still someone trapped in space with his robot pals making fun of bad movies!  I’ve got my special pass to watch Santo in the Treasure of Dracula at the Gizmoplex tonight at 7pm with all the other fans who pitched in last year to raise over $6 million.  Together we’ll see what happens when Mexican wrestler El Santo invents a time machine in 1969– only to have somebody use it to find the hidden location of Dracula’s treasure.  I don’t know about you but if there’s a masked Mexican wrestler who can travel through time and fight Dracula, I want to see it!!!

4 Responses to Santo In The Treasure of Dracula

  1. What is the Gizmoplex? Is it a theatre where there are alot it people?

    • no Mom, the Gizmoplex is a virtual theater. There’s a way to watch it on my phone, my computer, even on my TV. My lounge will turn into the Gizmoplex at 7pm tonight!

  2. As long as there’s popcorn and junior mints available!

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