The Name Dropper

johndavidsonJohn Davidson, Richard Burton, Steve Austin, and a bunch of other patients with famous names have showed up to the clinic where I work.  When I was checking in John Davidson I jokingly asked “Didn’t you use to be a host on ‘That’s Incredible’ with Fran Tarkenton and Cathy Lee Crosby?” Fortunately he laughed.  I wanted to ask him about the time he posed nude for Playgirl, but there were other patients waiting to check in.

One Response to The Name Dropper

  1. Really? Richard Burton the movie personality is dead! I reread what you wrote and realized they were people with famous names not the actual people. I was originally thinking why are they all settling in KC?
    Takes me a minute but I get it. Sounds like this job has fun moments. Happy for you.

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