Pull Tab Time Travel

pull tabWe came across this discarded pull tab on a walk last week.  “Who still has drinks with disposable pull tabs??”  I wondered.  Then I came to the logical conclusion that it must have a time traveler from the late 60′s or early 70′s.  He or she probably set their dials for a future date within their lifespan so they could get data and statistics to take back to their own time.  They probably took a break from their financial planning while they were here.  I imagine they went for a walk in the woods, pulled the tab off a Mr. Pibb, and carelessly tossed it in the grass.  They littered quite a bit back then.

One Response to Pull Tab Time Travel

  1. Then every single one of them should have picked up the tab back up by now to collect their data, ’cause they should’ve found out that we don’t litter anymore.

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