Less Ibuprofen, More Ambidextrous

scratchDear Mom, Dad, Hoovie, Chris, and the silent minority:
I know that my blog posts have become something of a rarity in the last few months. My new job requires a LOT of time on a keyboard and my hands aren’t as young as they used to be BUT they finally feel up to the task today.   Thanks to pain killers and my new ambidextrous abilities I can report that all is well and sunny here on the midwestern front.  Recent developments around here include a new roof on our new carport (cue the crowd cheer), a fresh coat of paint on the east exterior wall of our house (thanks Chris), weed and undergrowth removal from the backyard and west side of the house (thanks again Chris).  Jenny and I have not been sipping cocktails by the pool while all of this work gets done, our day jobs and labors of love are keeping us busy.

One Response to Less Ibuprofen, More Ambidextrous

  1. Oh thank you Jesus and Chris. Everytime I looked for you, you weren’t there. I know everything must look beautiful around your home. Send pictures.
    Ya, these full time jobs sure interfere with any spare time we might like to have.

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