New Job Day 1 Recap

letterhomeNo one died, but one woman fell by the elevator.  When she got up and walked away, we all knew she was okay.  It was a good first day.  I checked in a few patients, and when they were done I scheduled them for their next appointment.  As far as I can tell that is going to be the bulk of my workload most of the time.  Thankfully my co-workers are there to help.  There are a lot ins and outs that I’ll need to learn, but it seems like everyone is happy that I’m there… and if I’m honest I guess I am too.

3 Responses to New Job Day 1 Recap

  1. Perfect picture to accompany the post. Glad it was uneventful. It’s a good feeling to get the basic’s down good before an unexpected event happens. I’m happy for you too.

  2. Just don’t fall the elevator.

  3. Off

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