What Ropes I Know

2017-pulling-rope-tall-ship-educatorsAll hands on deck!  By week’s end we’ll be full to the gunwales and ready to sling your hook!  This second week of job training feels more like learning the ropes.  The first week felt like I was dropped in the ocean to sink or swim.  The phrase, “learning the ropes,” has nautical origins.  A sailor had to learn which ropes would move the sail to catch the wind, and then tie it just right so he wouldn’t blow the man down.  In the classroom we’ve been going over so many “ropes” I might trip over them on my first day. Oh well.

2 Responses to What Ropes I Know

  1. If you can tie a knot, you’ll be just fine. Just remember the benefits!

  2. “Heave-ho me laddies, fasten down the sails. This blustery wind will take us, a-sailing ‘oer the sea” (One of our 3rd grade songs this week. The voice sounds like Mr. Crabs). I know you’ll do fine, matey ( I mean son).

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