Silent Night On New Year’s Eve

OPLCbellcontrolWe knew where the controls were, and it would have been so cool to hear a bell ring at midnight. Jenny wanted to ring our church bell last night to bring in 2021 but we were stymied. It didn’t help that there were two police SUV’s in the church parking lot. Jenny said “I feel like we look suspicious,” and I said “only if we act suspicious– keep walking!” We went in the church and found a cabinet with the electrical system hasn’t been used for 15 or 20 years. That’s when the neighbors complained about the bell. I flipped every switch and turned every dial, but we still rolled snake eyes. Then we walked back home and the new year came anyway.

One Response to Silent Night On New Year’s Eve

  1. I’d say (un)like the songwriter :’”I (didn’t ) heard the bells on New Year ‘s day their old familiar carols play”, but peace is sweeter than the sound that sirens make ——–’(you finish it).-Happy (belated ) New Year’s , Cedillos in O.P.!:)

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