Merry Christmas 2020

max me and jenny christmas 2020Chris took this picture last week when he was patching a hole in our bathroom. He gave us a Christmas Nativity candle that his mother used to have. Max got curious about it right when he snapped the camera. That’s our little silver Christmas tree behind my head. They used to sell them at K-Mart years ago. K-Mart is gone now, but our tree is still here, and so are we. Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to Merry Christmas 2020

  1. You both look so good, even Max with that serious look. Thanks Chris for taking the picture. I hope being separated by possible illness isn’t the new normal but I do think sending pictures is wonderful especially at Christmas.

  2. I’m gonna put that picture in my gallery. That’s a great picture. I’d put Lenny and Squiggy on, too, but they don’t look so good .

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