Hoovie Cares

naturalMy care package from Hoovie arrived yesterday! Originally I thought he was only sending one soundtrack– but he sent two, and he threw in two more CD’s packed with music from the 80′s! She Blinded Me With Science is playing right now… all I have to do is close my eyes and it’s 1982 at Hoovie’s house and we are watching MTV again. OK, back to the present– there for a few days I didn’t know if Hoovie’s care package was going to make it to my house. He mailed it on the 14th and sent it priority. When it took longer than we both expected, Hoovie texted me: “Hopefully it’s because they picked it up at my house instead of me driving it to them… probably fell behind the driver seat after it slipped out from underneath her ham sandwich… then realizing it was a time sensitive article… she put in Santa’s pile. Ended up at the north pole on accident, was redirected to KC in route to Overland Park central post office… this was probably the delay, should be to you today or tomorrow unless the dog sniffing counterfeit CD dog finds it.” Thanks Hoove! It’s a Christmas miracle!

3 Responses to Hoovie Cares

  1. What a friend! Hoovie is always doing nice things for you. Could have been your brother but I just don’t remember having another child between you and Darla? ;)

  2. IT’S ME MOM!!!!

    (Glad to hear the SECURE pirated data ARRIVED unscathed….all unkowing to the G men…)

    …and again I grace the cover of DavidCedillo.com, I believe this surpasses a previous record held by the blues brothers for most appearance in one year,…this will have to be fact checked to verify but I’m smiling, thanks brother!

  3. :) :) I always knew there was something special about you Hoovie.

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