Back And Forth

drinking-coffeeAs I nuke my second cup of coffee this morning, I’m picturing other people at a breakfast counter. The coffee is doing its work. I’m slowly waking up. My brain is going back and forth like a tail on an old cat clock building momentum. Yesterday Evelyn called and asked if I could look at her TV. It’s not connected to her dish satellite receiver for some reason. I pushed all the buttons on her remote and nothing happened. Then I found another remote– but that one didn’t get any results either. Today I’ll see if I can hook an an antenna to her TV and at least get the local channels tuned in.  Oooh, some toast would taste good right now. Back and forth, back and forth.

3 Responses to Back And Forth

  1. We’ve been getting up by 6:30 a. Why I don’t know. Maybe because we’re going to bed early! Coffee sure taste good. The guy with the glasses in the picture looks like your dad when he was younger!

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